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Who we are and what do we do?

Started in 1990 by our founder Mr. Charles Simmen in Switzerland, IBT is at heart a Swiss Research & Development company with interests in the production of high quality Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients (EMDI).

Our products have been widely accepted and are in use in many products globally as a critical core ingredient essential to product taste and quality.

 IBT’s EMDI products are classified into the following 5 categories:

    Butter Max Powder Series

    Cheese Powder Preparations

    Dairy Powder Preparations

    Concentrated Cheese Flavouring Powder

    Natural Enzyme Modified Cheese Encapsulated Powder

We serve a wide range of industries from:

    Baking and Confectionary


    Candy Manufacturers

    Instant Drinks

    Ice Cream Manufacturers

    Cheese Processing Industries

Addr:Salvemattweg 11, CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 7602580
Fax:+41 41 7602586